Irvin Khoza

Irvin Khoza, born on January 27, 1948, in Alexandra Township, South Africa[2], is a prominent South African football administrator and businessman. He is known by the nicknames “Iron Duke,” “Squveve,” and “Mr. Football”[3][4][10].

Khoza began his education at Roma Mission School in Alexandra before attending Orlando High in Soweto[2]. Later, he became a student at South Africa’s famous Fort Hare University, but he did not complete his degree due to being allegedly expelled for anti-apartheid activities[1].

Irvin Khoza is the Chairman of Orlando Pirates Football Club, Chairman of the South African Premier Soccer League, and Vice-President of the South African Football Association[4][6]. He ventured into the world of sports in 1980, briefly left a year later, and then returned a decade later to save a club on the verge of bankruptcy[9].

Khoza has played a crucial role in South African football, helping to develop the sport and ensure its success. His dedication and passion for football have earned him a respected position in the South African sports community.

Tragically, Irvin Khoza’s wife passed away on January 17, 2020[8].

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