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{{{series}}} family
Created by {{{creator}}}
Introduced by {{{introducer}}}
Duration {{{years}}}
First appearance {{{first}}}
Last appearance {{{last}}}
Spin-offs {{{spinoffs}}}
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This infobox is for use in articles about families in soap operas. Copy and paste the code below to add the template to a character page:

Family name
Image caption
Series name family
Created by Creator
Introduced by Introducer
Duration 1990–2010
First appearance 19 February 1990
Last appearance 24 October 2010
Spin-offs Spin-off name

All fields are optional so may be left blank if they do not apply.

{{Infobox soap opera family
|image = 
|series =
|name = 
|creator = 
|introducer = 
|years = 
|first = 
|last = 
|spinoffs = 
|members = 
{{Infobox soap opera family/member
|name = 
|portrayer = 
|first = 
|last = 
|occupation = 
Family name (name)

The infobox should show the name of the family in the format Mitchell family, not The Mitchell family or Mitchell Family

Series (series)

The name of the television series the family appears in. It will be automatically formatted as italic.

Created by (creator)

The name of the person(s) who created the family.

Introduced by (introducer)

The name of the person (executive producer) who introduced the family.

Image (image)

If available, an image can be added, with an appropriate licence and non-free use rationale.

Caption (caption)

An image caption should only be used if more than one actor is listed in the infobox. The caption should say which actor is portraying the character in the image.

Duration (years)

The duration should be how long the any members of the family have been in the show. Date ranges (open or closed) should use an en dash ().

First and last appearances (first and last)

The first and last appearances should be the first and last dates any member of the family appeared in the programme.

Spin-offs (spinoffs)

Any spin-offs the family have appeared in (as a family unit, not just individuals)

Family members (members)

This uses the template {{Infobox soap opera family/member}}, and you can add as many of these as you need – or it can be a list.

Character name (name)

The name of the character.

Actor name (portrayer)

For characters who have been portrayed by more than one actor, all names can be used.

Relationship (relationhip)

This can be used to describe how one character is related to another, for example "Head of family", "Son of (name) and (name)", etc.

First and last appearances (first and last)

The first and last appearances should be the first and last dates the character appeared in the programme.

Occupation (occupation)

The character's occupation should be their main/defining occupation or occupations, and not necessarily every job the character has had.