Nicolette Mashile

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Nicolette Mashile
Nicolette Mashile on Sports at 10 with Thomas Mlambo.jpg
Born Nicolette Mashile
Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga
South Africa
Residence Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa
Education Rhodes University
Alma mater Unisa
  • Actress
  • TV Host
  • Radio Host
  • Businesswoman
Years active 2010 - to date
Family Bridget Mashile (sister)

Nicolette Mashile (born 1988) is a South African television personality, actress, radio host and businesswoman. She has a YouTube channel called Financial Fitness Bunnies which is also the name of her initiative which seek to educate others about financial matters. On Facebook she post under the account called Financial Literacy with Nicolette Mashile. Nicolette Mashile portrayed the character of Cynthia on the SABC 1 soap opera Generations: The Legacy and she host the SABC 1 educational talk show the Daily Thetha.

Early Life

Nicolette Mashile was born in 1988 in Bushbuckridge in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. She has a sister named Bridget Mashile, numerous media articles have stated that it has a younger sister. She once tweeted "My little sister doesn't know that for her birthday she is getting a Tax free Account and portfolio of shares, this Trip she wants to take she will take in 5 years when she can afford it herself".

She has often sighted her parents as great influence in her life. "My mother taught us to respect everyone, regardless of their position in life. Dad taught me to be a mentor and to give back," she told the Sowetan. She has also spoken in depth about her father's influence in her life.

Nicolette Mashile attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa where she studied Social Studies and Law but later dropped out without graduating. She later obtained numerous qualification including National Diploma in Sports Management and a BA in Human and Social Studies at the University of South Africa.


Nicolette Mashile once stated in one of her online videos that she worked as a teacher. She later wrote letters containing the details of her life and upbringing for the purposes of applying for employment. Of all the letters she sent out she got one response which later serve as a vehicle for her to enter the marketing and advertising industry.

She hosted a business show on UJ FM, hosted GauTV's flagship programme, Assertiveness, hosted and produced Couch Sessions talk show on Kofifi FM.

In 2016 Nicolette Mashile was a featured host on Power Grooves festive edition on Power FM and portrayed the character of Cynthia on Generations: The Legacy.

Daily Thetha, 2018 - to date

In 2018 Nicolette Mashile became the host of the SABC 1 day time talk show Daily Thetha. Initially she filled in for the former presenter, Tumelo Mothotoane and later jokingly emailed the show runners asking when they will make her a presenter. They responded, inviting her to come in for an audition. "The process was hard, I went in for about four times," she told the Sowetan. "When they settled for me it was the biggest shock of my life. It was absolutely amazing for me. It has its own challenges but it's great," she recalled in an interview with the Sowetan.

Business Ventures and Financial Education

Nicolette Mashile has a YouTube channel called Financial Fitness Bunnies which is also the name of her initiative which seek to educate about financial well being and on Facebook she post under the account called Financial Literacy with Nicolette Mashile. She founded Bunch of Winnaz a media buying and brand activation agency.

Nicolette Mashile is also a property investor. It is understood that she invest in shares as well, in some of her videos she speaks in depth about share investing, even going as far as referencing renowned American investor Warren Buffet.

Nicolette Mashile Pictures

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