Nico Matlala

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Nico Matlala
Born Nico Matlala
Polokwane, Limpopo
South Africa
Residence Gauteng
Nationality South African
  • Businessman
  • Socialite
Known for Dating Lebohang Mabe
Dating Palesa Madisakwane
Engagement to KB Motsilanyane
Nico Matlala Challenge

Nico Matlala (born 1985) is a South African businessman and socialite. He rose to fame for dating celebrities most notably KB Motsilanyane and Palesa Madisakwane. Nico Matlala was also romantically linked to former Generations actress Winnie Ntshaba who is said to be close friends with Palesa Madisakwane.

Engagement to KB Motsilanyane

Nico Matlala was engaged to famed actress and recording artist KB Motsilanyane. "In hindsight, that whole experience was the best thing that ever happened to me; it was a huge learning moment. I had unconsciously asked for and the universe gave it to me. It led me to break out of my shell. I'm happy with my life now because of that difficult experience," KB Motsilanyane was quoted saying.

Relationship with Palesa Madisakwane

Nico Matlala dated famous actress and television host Palesa Madisakwane who is also the mother of Somizi Mhlongo's daughter, Bahumi Madisakwane.

Relationship with Lebohang Mabe

Nico Matlala was already famous for his social and dating life when he began dating Lebohang Mabe who was famous for dating Shaun Andlie Naki. He famously bragged on the social media video post that Lebohang Mabe was his and sparked what would become a Nico Matlala Challenge.

"I am sorry for your loss, Shaun, but not pretty much so. I can’t sympathise with you and forget to celebrate my gain, thank you for guarding her for me though while it lasted. I had to take her for good this time, and don’t worry, I will give her more than just matching outfits. You can delete all your pictures together now while you watch us make new memories," Nico Matlala famously bragged while taunting Shaun Andlie Naki.

A few months later the relationship reached a dramatic ending when armature footage appeared on social media showing Nico Matlala throwing Lebohang Mabe out of the house in the presence of the police.


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