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K Naomi
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Born Keitumetse Naomi Noinyane
(1991-06-28) June 28, 1991 (age 31)
Mahikeng, North West
South Africa
Education Vega Bordeaux School
  • Model
  • Actress
  • TV Personality
  • Businesswoman
  • Philanthropist
Years active 2012 - to date
Family Thato Noinyane (sister)
Website http://www.knaomi.com

K Naomi (born Keitumetse Naomi Noinyane on 28 June 1991) is a South African model, actress, television personality, businesswoman and philanthropist. She rose to fame as the presenter of the Top One entertainment magazine show Top Entertainment, in 2012, alongside Ayanda Thabethe, Chanelle Ellaya and AKA. In 2018 she appeared on the 1Magic original telenovela, The River, which stars Presley Chweneyagae, Moshidi Motshegwa, Hlomla Dandala, Lawrence Maleka, Lunga Shabalala, Larona Moagi and Sindi Dlathu with Don Mlangeni Nawa.

Social Media

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K Naomi is a food and nutrition champion for Global Citizen.

Personal Life

K Naomi was in a relationship with actor Lunga Shabalala. Their relationship ended amid reports that Lunga Shabalala was unfaithful and had engaged in a relationship with famed actress Omuhle Gela. K Naomi later reflected, "Omuhle and I don't get along, Lunga and I still speak. Guys, I dated Lunga for a long time so I can't really cut him out of my life because of one person."

K Naomi was in a relationship with DJ Shimza, the relationship ended in a public Instagram meltdown. "I made you my world and you didn't get it. Now it's an issue that I'm living my life without you," K Naomi. "Good girls come out last because we are never enough", she said to Shimza via Instagram stories and went to to thank him for "breaking" her.

Bipolar Controversy

In June 2019 K Naomi tweeted, "I hate bipolar people... You can’t always switch up, choose your vibes and be about them". The tweet was met with public outcry and rebuke.

K Naomi later clarified her tweet and apologized, "Apologies to everyone about my previous post. My intention wasn’t to offend anyone... I should have used different wording. I was just trying to say that I’m tired of people who always switch up. It’s either we vibe or we don’t... Apologies".

"I realise that I have offended a lot of people, and I am really sorry. I can’t even use the fact that I was angry as an excuse to have sounded so ignorant about mental illness. I used the wrong word, in the worst way, making light of something very serious. I’m very sorry! I am totally aware and know where I was wrong. This is a lesson for me to think before I tweet and to never tweet when I’m angry Apologies again."

HIV/Aids Controversy


K Naomi caused a controversy in January 2020 when she made a comment on the state of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. She wrote on her Twitter account, "HIV Aids is becoming the norm. This is scary". Her comments were met with hostility and criticism by Twitter users. K Naomi was further accused of "ignorance" and "insensitivity".

However, K Naomi doubled down on her stance on the state of HIV/AIDS in South Africa further stating, "HIV/Aids poses a huge problem to the world's population. There are an estimated 7.97 million people living with the disease in SA alone. Of those 7.97 million, my family has been directly affected by the disease.

"It's prevention about how it's contracted, there are still too many people dying and something must be done for us not to lose any more lives.

"I've noted with keenness how little many of you say of my intelligence and the lack thereof. I can accept that.

"But spare a thought for someone living in the most remote parts of this country who knows the disease exists, but has no access to basic health services to get tested and treated in time to live a long life.

"Because seeing someone suffer from Aids and any other disease is scary and painful."


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