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Thabo Bester/ Facebook Rapist
Thabo Bester Facebook Rapist.jpg
Born Thabo Bester
Citizenship South African
Years active until 2011
Known for Murder of Nomfundo Tyulu
Criminal charge Rape, Murder, Robbery
Criminal penalty Life Imprisonment
30 Years
25 Years
Criminal status In Prison
Known as the “Facebook rapist” because he used social media to lure women throughout South Africa

The Facebook Rapist is a South African serial rapist also known as Thabo Bester. He was court and arrested in Alberton, south of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa following a countrywide search in the wake of his crimes. According to the Mail & Guardian article, in 2011 Thabo Bester was 22 years old.

Early Life

According to the Mail & Guardian article, Thabo Bester told the Durban Magistrate’s Court that he was raised by his alcoholic grandmother and grandfather on a farm in Gauteng.

He said he was raped by his grandmother’s friend, and that when he told his grandmother about the abuse, it was like talking to a wall. "My grandmother’s friend hurt me when he raped me, and I had an operation on my behind", Thabo Bester t was quoted.

His situation became worse when his grandmother died, and he had to live with his friends in a squatter camp. While living there he was approached by a man who promised to look after him, but who had then locked him in his house for days and raped him.

Crime Career

In 2009 Thabo Bester (The Facebook Rapist) WAS found guilty of fraud and sentenced to six months in jail with an option of paying a R1500 fine. "I did not have money to pay. They treated me badly in prison because they thought I was from a well-off family," The Facebook Rapist was quoted by Mail & Guardian.


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