Bonang: From A to B

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BONANG From A to B reprint Coaver 25Aug2017.jpg
Author Bonang Matheba
Country South Africa
Language English
Genre Biography Autobiography
Publisher BlackBird Books
Publication date
24 July 2017
Pages 220
ISBN 978-1-928337-58-4

Bonang: From A to B is an Autobiography book written by South African media personality, Bonang Matheba, and published by BlackBird Books. The was originally published on 24 July 2017. The book seek to detail Bonang's journey in the show business thus far. The initial release of the book was met with hostility and mockery due to glaring "grammatical and factual errors" before being pulled off the shelves, corrected and re-released.

Release and Re-release


Bonang authored an autobiography titled Bonang: From A to B which was released to unrestricted rebuke, condemnation and mockery. The book became a talking point on social media after users pointed out that Bonang's birthday was published as 24 June, when it is 25 June. Much of the criticism pointed out grammatical and factual errors. However, in the ensuing mockery and rebuke, the publisher of BlackBird Books Thabiso Mahlape, said she took responsibility for the errors.

"I take full responsibility for what happened. The last thing I want is for black people to be accused of mediocrity and I should do better. It's on me as the publisher. I ought to have done better. It was my mistake. I wrote that line and it went through all the various processes and no one caught happens," Thabiso Mahlape said.

While Bonang was quoted by TshisaLIVE saying, "We will be the sacrificial lambs. We will take the rubbish so that those (black girls') that come after us don't have to".

The book was removed from the store shelves, corrected and later re-released to a much tamed reaction. The relaunched version following the recall included to notable omissions, those of Bonang's former best friend Somizi Mhlongo and ex-boyfriend Euphonik.It is understood that this was due to legal letters sent demanding that their names and any references to them in the book be removed.

"As daunting as the process was, it taught me that sometimes things do fall through the cracks, and I felt it was a lesson that could not only be learned by me, but also by those that are to come after me. I truly am grateful to my fans for the love and continued support that they have shown me through it all – and continue to be by my side," Bonang said at the relaunch.


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