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The Firefighters Who Lost Their Lives In The Bank of Lisbon Building Fire In Johannesburg

It is important to celebrate these men and not allow their lives, the memory of their lives, to fade into darkness. Their sacrifice must reverberate into the futures unknown. Their selfless efforts must be honoured especially by the citizens whose safety often rest upon men such as these.

Johannesburg Fire Lives.jpg
Johannesburg Fire Lives 2.jpg
Johannesburg Fire Lives 3.jpg

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Adam Catzavelos Racist Rant

WARNING: Video Contains Strong Language and Prejudice, it may offend sensitive viewers

Adam the racist screen grab.jpg
In a video posted by Farah C. Fortune @fcfortune on Twitter on 21 August 2018 at 09:16am, Adam Catzavelos can be heard saying "...not one k**ir in sight".

In recent development; a statement released by his family business, St George’s Fine Foods, read in part: "It is abhorrent and we fully disassociate ourselves from the sentiments expressed. We reject racism in any form. Adam Catzavelos has been dismissed with immediate effect from the family business, St George’s Fine Foods, and his minority shareholding will be unwound as soon as practically possible. Given the high-profile nature of this development, the business has been temporarily closed for the protection of all its staff. We have no further comment at this stage."